Schools Program

Pioneering the Outdoor Classroom in schools across South Africa
We have spent the last 14 years pioneering the growing of Outdoor Classrooms in under-resourced schools across South Africa. This program went national between 2009-2012. We remain committed to connecting children to their ecosystems and teaching food resilience skills and are open to collaboration and partnership to this end. 

We believe the people holding onto Intellectual Property (IP) at this point is like the deckchair salesman on the Titanic heckling for a few extra dollars. We need to all start working together for the sake of our future generations.

We’ve developed several high-quality resources exclusively for teachers, drawing on years of knowledge in connecting children to the ecosystems that support them.


Learning Adventures in the Outdoor Classroom


The Organic Classroom


Great Abundance Natural Wealth


Designing For Abundance

Growing The Living Laboratory

Teachers For Permaculture Education 2010